Coronavirus Update!

Coronavirus Updates


Self Serves, Exteriors Can Operate! | New Update!!!! 4.8.20

Although the state has not yet updated its essential business list, we have received the following clarification from the Governor’s Chief Counsel: Self serve car washes may continue to operate as normal, but handwash car washes may not.

Drive-Through (exterior) car washes may continue to operate, but staff must not be handwashing the exterior or the interior of vehicles, or drying them. The key here is maintaining the social distancing guidelines and limiting the risk to employees at these facilities.

If you are operating, the Governor is asking that all employees wear face masks and gloves.

Please check with your local health department or police if you have any concerns or need clarification.

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PPP/Payroll Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program

More PPP Funding Approved, Questions Remain Unanswered


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603, 2020

Coronavirus Guidelines

The CWONJ is encouraging members to follow the guidelines below from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to avoid contracting it. The association also suggests creating your [...]

cwonj-logo-smallThe Car Wash Operators of New Jersey was founded in 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. The logo on the association’s seal has Excellence, Professional, Quality, Service. This sums up the purpose of our association. As a nonprofit organization, we exist to serve the professional carwash operators in New Jersey and to promote the use of an environmental friendly professional carwash instead of home driveway washing.

Fundraising Car Wash Participation Form

CWONJ has been very active in the past representing the interests of carwash operators in Trenton and assisting governmental agencies for legislation such as the recent drought emergency. We had a very proactive role and sent out publicity kits and information to all our members to educate their customers on ways to conserve water.

“Did you know?”

NJ legislation requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer pretax transportation fringe benefits.

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Important Information From November NJ Paid Sick Leave Meeting!

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New NJ Sales and Use Tax in Effect

NJ Sales and Use Tax in Effect

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NJ Clean Energy Program

Gary Baright with G & G LED educated the membership on  the NJ Clean Energy Program rebates available when LED lighting is installed at the wash. For more information contact Cory Baright at G & G LED at 800/285-6780.

NJ Clean Energy Write Up.pdf

Northeast Regional Carwash Convention

NRCC Convention October 5-7, 2020


  • Four general membership meetings each year.
  • Annual fall Northeast Regional Carwash Convention.
  • An insurance program that can save you money
  • The drought package which is state required during drought emergencies
  • A subscription to The Northeast Carwasher – Our quarterly newsletter to keep you abreast of regional news in the industry

Our Mission Statement:

The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey exists to enhance the success of its members and to promote the professional carwash industry by collecting and disseminating information and knowledge and by stimulating the exchange of thoughts and ideas.