Simoniz’ Gorra Keynotes CWONJ Meeting

//Simoniz’ Gorra Keynotes CWONJ Meeting

Simoniz’ Gorra Keynotes CWONJ Meeting

CWONJ President Mike Conte presents Simoniz USA CEO Bill Gorra with a token of the board's thanks for his presentation.

CWONJ President Mike Conte presents Simoniz USA
CEO Bill Gorra with a token of the board’s thanks for his presentation.

HAMILTON, NJ — The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) Winter Membership Meeting, February 26, featured industry innovator Bill Gorra, CEO of Simoniz USA, Bolton, CT. Gorra, who grew up in the industry, spoke on his company’s emphasis on branding as well as the evolution of the industry during his tenure. “It’s important to take your brand seriously,” said Gorra. “It is what sets you apart.” Gorra, who is equally as adapt in the chemistry lab as he is running a wash or detail facility, is bullish on the industry. “I think the industry is in good shape,” he said. “I think the financial community is looking more favorably on our industry, and the young kids and women today are not washing their cars themselves. That, and more leased vehicles and lower gas prices, will help us wash more cars.” He also sees the unlimited program as a feature that is here to stay. “The biggest positive trend in our industry today is the growth of the unlimited program,” according to Gorra. “That and the growth of express exterior washes has put new energy into the business.” The dinner meeting attended by nearly 50 also featured an update from CWONJ President Mike Conte on the association’s scholarship program, as well as their future meeting dates. Outgoing board member Bill Howell of Bubbleworks in Andover, NJ, also received a plaque for his years of service to the board.