MONROE, NJ – The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) prepared its members for an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) audit at its Fall Membership Meeting here, November 8, at the Crowne Plaza. The meeting, which also included an update on the association’s Groupon program by board member Scott Freund, attracted 60 to the dinner meeting.

“The material our two speakers presented tonight was invaluable to our members,” said CWONJ President Gerry Barton. “This type of information is a great example of why you should be a member of the CWONJ.”

The night’s first speaker, Michael Yarnell, began his career with OSHA in 1974 as an Industrial Hygienist. He has conducted more than 200 independent field enforcement investigations at a variety of industrial and construction worksites. He became a Compliance Assistance Specialist in 2002 where he educates, trains and provides technical advice concerning OSHA standards and regulations. Yarnell’s experience as a federal level officer shed light on what will happen when OSHA comes calling, and what recourses an operator will have and how to approach a visit.

Mark Wadiak, the second speaker, is an assistant director in the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development. He oversees the OSHA-PEOSH Consultation and Training Programs and the Mine Safety Education Program. Wadiak’s background includes working as a quality control chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, and working with the US Department of Labor, OSHA, as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer. Wadiak, who is a state representative, is a great resource prior to an OSHA visit. He can access any issues a site may have and work with the operator on rectifying them.

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Officer Slate Voted In

President Barton read the proposed officer slate and asked for a vote from the membership. The association’s 2012 board includes: President Al Villani, Vice President Mike Conte, Treasurer Mike Prudente, Secretary Mario Mendoza and Immediate Past President Gerry Barton. Board members include: Richie Boudakian, Scott Freund, Bill Howell, George Ribeiro, Doug Rieck, Steve Switzer and Mark Toriello.

The association’s next meeting date is February 7 when it will explore social media and marketing with New England Carwash Association Vice President Adam Korngold.