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To the victors go the spoils!

Has it really been seven months since Dabo Swinney and Clemson defeated Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide 35-31? It’s kind of hard to believe over 210 + days have passed since Deshaun Watson hit Hunter Renfroe in the corner of the end zone to take the lead away from ‘Bama with […]

To the victors go the spoils!2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Have you ever heard the expression, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

I hadn’t heard it for a while, but the other day a co-worker said it to me as he recounted to me the horror story that was his day. He had been on a job site for over eight hours for what was […]

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

Making Hay While the Sun Is Shining

We’ve all heard the expression, “making hay while the sun is shining” or some variation of it. Nowhere is this expression more apt then in our industry.

When the sun is shining, we’re all washing cars and making money. When it’s not, we’re not. At least we weren’t. Selling monthly club washes has changed the game, […]

Making Hay While the Sun Is Shining2017-07-28T13:53:57+00:00

What a Long, Strange Trip It Has Been….

As you may or may not have heard, CarWash College has expanded and now hosts classes on the West Coast. We’re very happy about it and can now reach people for training that could never travel to Florida for it.
I just returned from my first trip out to California to teach. While I […]

What a Long, Strange Trip It Has Been….2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

Springing Forward

So, Spring has sprung and you’ve made it through another winter wash season! Congratulations! Did you make it through with no mechanical issues? If so, great job! You are to be commended. If not, what went wrong and why?

The cycle can be vicious. We promise ourselves coming out of the winter busy season every year […]

Springing Forward2017-05-03T16:41:53+00:00

Maintaining the Standard

In the CWC Maintenance Class, we show slides of washes that are, shall we say, less than clean.

The reason for this is not to embarrass the owners of these facilities (the facilities shown are not identified), but to show new entrants to the industry how NOT to care for their own.

One of the slides shown […]

Maintaining the Standard2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

The January Effect

Back in another life, I sold stocks for a living. I didn’t do it for very long as I really didn’t care for it much. However, I did learn some interesting things while studying for exams and in the short time I was a broker.

One thing I learned was that being […]

The January Effect2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

Throwing the Baby out with the Reclaim Water…

About a year or so ago, I wrote a tip about growing pains and how my grandson, Madden, was dealing with them at the time. Back then, Madden was about only 8 months old. He just recently passed the 20 month mark, so there have been quite a few pains and quite a […]

Throwing the Baby out with the Reclaim Water…2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

CWONJ Giving Reaches $57,000 For Children’s Specialized Hospital

UNION, NJ — The Children’s Specialized Golf Outing, August 15, at Suburban Golf Club, went off without a hitch, according to Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) President Mike Conte. But more importantly, he said, it was an event that raised money for an extremely worthy cause, The Children’s Specialized Hospital. […]

CWONJ Giving Reaches $57,000 For Children’s Specialized Hospital2019-01-21T16:24:01+00:00

In the Grand Scheme of Things

In the grand scheme of things, there are two unsung heroes of the tunnel car wash. If they were on a football team, they’d be the offensive linemen. The guys you only hear about when they make a mistake. If they played baseball, they’d be the right fielder on a team playing vs all right […]

In the Grand Scheme of Things2016-06-30T22:36:05+00:00