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Maintaining the Standard

In the CWC Maintenance Class, we show slides of washes that are, shall we say, less than clean.

The reason for this is not to embarrass the owners of these facilities (the facilities shown are not identified), but to show new entrants to the industry how NOT to care for their own.

One of the slides shown […]

The January Effect

Back in another life, I sold stocks for a living. I didn’t do it for very long as I really didn’t care for it much. However, I did learn some interesting things while studying for exams and in the short time I was a broker.

One thing I learned was that being […]

Throwing the Baby out with the Reclaim Water…

About a year or so ago, I wrote a tip about growing pains and how my grandson, Madden, was dealing with them at the time. Back then, Madden was about only 8 months old. He just recently passed the 20 month mark, so there have been quite a few pains and quite a […]

CWONJ Giving Reaches $57,000 For Children’s Specialized Hospital

UNION, NJ — The Children’s Specialized Golf Outing, August 15, at Suburban Golf Club, went off without a hitch, according to Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) President Mike Conte. But more importantly, he said, it was an event that raised money for an extremely worthy cause, The Children’s Specialized Hospital. This […]

In the Grand Scheme of Things

In the grand scheme of things, there are two unsung heroes of the tunnel car wash. If they were on a football team, they’d be the offensive linemen. The guys you only hear about when they make a mistake. If they played baseball, they’d be the right fielder on a team playing vs all right […]

“Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying”

Have you ever seen the movie Shaw Shank Redemption? In one scene, two inmates are talking about one’s plans to live out his life in Mexico running a hotel and taking his guests out deep sea fishing. When the other reminds him that Mexico is far away and that he is currently locked up in […]

Mad World

Where do I begin? This morning, while having coffee and reading the news online, I came across an article that really rattled me.

It was a story of a university, here in America, where a large group of students felt “scared and intimidated” by some words written in chalk at several areas of their campus. These […]

CWONJ Explores The Chemistry of Washing a Car at Winter Meeting

ISELIN, NJ — The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey’s (CWONJ) Winter Membership Meeting, March 8, at the APA Hotel Woodbridge here explored The Chemistry of Washing a Car, according to CWONJ President Mike Conte. Conte, who led a panel discussion on everything from drip space to product packaging, enjoyed the lively exchange between the […]

CWONJ Meeting Highlights the POS, Honors Washes and John Criscuolo Sr.

CWONJ Meeting Highlights the POS, Honors Washes and John Criscuolo Sr.

ISELIN, NJ — The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) met
November 10 at the Hotel Woodbridge here for its annual Fall
Membership Meeting. The event, which attracted nearly 50, included a
panel discussion on “How Your POS Can Make You More Money,”
according to CWONJ President Mike […]

Don’t Worry About the Horse Being Blind, Just Load the Wagon…

“Don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon” John Madden, football coach and NFL announcer.

This is one of my favorite all time quotes. I use it often and people look at me quizzically when I do. In coach speak, it means, just keep plugging and don’t worry about what’s going on around […]