The Car Wash Operators of New Jersey was founded in 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. The logo on the association's seal has Excellence, Professional, Quality, Service. This sums up the purpose of our association. As a nonprofit organization, we exist to serve the professional carwash operators in New Jersey and to promote the use of an environmental friendly professional carwash instead of home driveway washing.

CWONJ has been very active in the past representing the interests of carwash operators in Trenton and assisting governmental agencies for legislation such as the recent drought emergency. We had a very proactive role and sent out publicity kits and information to all our members to educate their customers on ways to conserve water.

The association has four general membership meetings each year and is a member of the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention which sponsors an annual Fall regional trade show

The NRCC raised $15,732.10 those affected by Hurricane Sandy at the 2013 show in Atlantic City in early October. The CWONJ was the host association.

Regarding Jeep Grand Cherokees
The International Carwash Association distributed a Special Edition of Breaking News to update the progress that the Association has made on the Sudden Unintended Movement topic and discuss the plans for the future.

Included in this document was an incident report form for operators to use when such a situation occurs.

Latest Statement From the ICA
The ICA's position regarding Jeep Cherokee's is that the handling procedures, particularly starting vehicles in park, monitoring
engine speed prior to shifting into drive and placing your foot on the brake - and visually verifying proper foot placement on the pedal - is a carwash operator's best defense against sudden unintended acceleration.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Children's Specialized Hospital Golf Outing Signage!!!
Promote the event at your wash.
Email this pdf to your sign guy and help us
promote the outing!
Perfect for WindMasters as well as lobby signage!

NJ golf sponsorship form


click below for more information!

Online Golf Outing Registration

CWONJ Scholarship Award Information
Application Deadline: April 4, 2014

The CWONJ is a new partner with the ICA's WaterSavers™ program!

All CWONJ members are eligible and you DO NOT need to be a member of the ICA to participate. This program is designed to help carwash owners and operators promote their environmentally-friendly business practices and educate consumers about the environmental benefits of professional carwashing. To sign up visit

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Look What One of Our Members Is Doing To Educate His Customers!

New Rule: Bosses Must Inform Workers of Right to Organize - Working In These Times
All carwashers should read this article

Allstate Blog
At the Car Wash:
Five Tips for Safety

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